Are You A Pig?

The Chinese New Year Calendar

Chinese New Year is not the same as the New Year the rest of the western world celebrates.

This is because the Chinese use the lunar calendar – so New Year depends on the cycle of the moon and falls on a totally different day each year.

New Year is a special time in China. It is a time when the festive spirit is high and there are all kinds of celebrations going on. As has been the ancient tradition, the years are represented by animal signs associated with the change of time. There are twelve animals that repeat every twelve years; 2019 represents the 12th animal of the Chinese zodiac, the pig.

The Year of the Pig: 5 February 2019 – 24 January 2020

Recent years of the Pig are: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

Personality and characteristics

Pigs might not stand out in a crowd. But they are very realistic. Others may be all talk and no action. Pigs are the opposite. Though not wasteful spenders, they will let themselves enjoy life. They love entertainment and will occasionally treat themselves. They are a bit materialistic, but this is motivation for them to work hard. Being able to hold solid objects in their hands gives them security. They are energetic and are always enthusiastic, even for boring jobs. If given the chance, they will take positions of power and status. They believe that only those people have the right to speak, and that’s what they want.

Men born in the Pig year are optimistic and gentle. They are very focused. Once they decide on a goal, they’ll put everything into it. They are not the best with money. Though coolheaded, they are also gullible. They trust others easily and are often scammed. This can cause them to lose a fortune. These men are also quiet. They love learning but don’t really know how to put their knowledge into words. They’re not conversationalists, but treat everyone warmly. This results in a large social circle. Whenever they run into difficulties, there are always people who stand up to help. Though people will lie to them, more will love them.

Women born in the Pig year are full of excitement. They attend social events whenever possible and treat everyone genuinely. Combined with their easy going personality, they gain everyone’s trust. However, they are sometimes over-friendly. In their excitement, they can forget to give others personal space. They also have good fortune with wealth. As long as they keep at it, the efforts will not go to waste. Though they don’t start with an advantage, their hard work will keep money flowing in. At home, they are highly organized. If the room is messy, they’d stay up the entire night to clean it up. These women love children too. Playing with children is one of the things that bring them the greatest joy.


  • Most compatible with Pig: Tiger, Rabbit, Goat

  • Least compatible with Pig: Snake, Monkey

Lucky things for Pigs

  • Colors: yellow, gray, brown

  • Numbers: 2, 5, 8

  • Mineral: agate

  • Directions of auspiciousness: southeast, east

  • Directions of wealth: northeast

  • Directions of love: north

Unlucky things

  • Colors: blue, green

  • Numbers: 1, 7, 9

People born in the Year of the Pig: Elton John, Woody Allen, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Billy Crystal, Jada Pinkett, Hillary Clinton, Wynona Ryder, Stephen King